Narcolepsy Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with narcolepsy and related sleep disorders. Our mission is to provide services to educate, advocate, support and improve awareness of this neurological sleep disorder.

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In Memoriam: Dr. Feldman

We are saddened to hear that one of our Medical Advisory Board Members passed away on Friday, June 21. Dr. Neil Turk Feldman passed away after complications […]

New Medication, Sunosi, Will Be Available Soon

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc announced that the US Drug Enforcement Agency has designated solriamfetol, also known as Sunosi, as a Schedule IV medicine. The US Food and Drug Administration […]

NN Attends European Narcolepsy Day as the Only Patient Support Group from the US

Our Executive Director is pictured here with other narcolepsy leaders at the European Narcolepsy Network’s Narcolepsy Day in Bern, Switzerland. Narcolepsy Network was the only patient support organization from […]

PEACE (Pitolisant Expanded Access Clinical Evaluation) Program, an Expanded Access Program, is Now Open

An Expanded Access Program is now open to provide pitolisant* to adult patients with narcolepsy type 1 (with cataplexy) or type 2 (without cataplexy). Expanded access provides […]

Research Study for Adults with Narcolepsy – Share Your Story

People with narcolepsy face challenges and problems every day – symptoms and problems are not always recognized or understood by health care providers or members of the […]

Other News & Events

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a medical disorder that impacts 1 in approximately 2,000 people in the United States of America. The disease is a sleep disorder, involving irregular patterns in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep and significant disruptions of the normal sleep/wake cycle. While the cause of narcolepsy is not completely understood, current research points to a combination of genetic and environmental factors that influence the immune system. Read More

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