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PWN in the News

People with Narcolepsy (PWN) in the News

Advocate’s Rare Disease Week Experience Highlighted
One of our narcolepsy advocates shared his Rare Disease Week experience with his local paper, The Buffalo News.

Narcolepsy Advocate Featured in Local Paper
Board Member Cynthia Zorn was featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune as a Rare Disease Week Advocate.

Youth Advocate Featured in Local Magazine
Mackenzie Zorn, a YA from the 2016 class, is featured in the North County Kids Magazine. Her article starts on page 6.

One Young PWN is Spreading Awareness in his Local Town in Illinois
Dakota Meyer, from Papineau, IL, shares his story as a PWN and why he decided to take part in Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Read the full story here.

Teen Working to Spread Awareness of Narcolepsy
Mackenzie Zorn, a Youth Ambassador, spreads awareness of narcolepsy, including to the mayor of San Diego. Read the full article here.

“I Have Narcolepsy, But Narcolepsy Doesn’t Have Me.”
Youth Ambassador Lukas Hunter explains his condition to the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His full article is found here.

Board Member to Run Half Marathon to Raise Awareness
Board Member Mee Warren will be running in the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon to raise awareness of narcolepsy on December 4. Read more and support her here.

Youth Ambassador Highlights Her Story and Her Hope to Spread Awareness to Others
Merritt Artim shares her story of diagnosis and what she is doing to help others. The full story can be found here.

PWN Fights Against Employer Who Refused Accommodations
Amy Lynch, a PWN Austin Police Detective, was victorious in her lawsuit against the city and police department. The full story can be found here.

Board Member Runs New York City Marathon
Our Board Member Keith Harper is running the New York City marathon in November. This is his fourth time running the marathon and he will once again be fundraising for NN! You can learn more about his journey and support him on his blog post.

Board Member Sara Kowalczyk Presented a Poster at the SLEEP 2016 Meeting
Her research focused on the positive correlation between self-reported daytime sleepiness and attention problems for adult patients with narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia. Read the abstract here.

Youth Ambassador Educates Her Community About Narcolepsy
A Youth Ambassador from Elizabeth City, NC helps to explain her diagnosis and why she feels it is important to educate others on this disorder. Click here to read the full article.

Rediscovering the Joy of Sleep
Rubin Naiman, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona, penned an essay for AEON, a British literary magazine, about the finding the joy in sleeping. Click here to read the essay.

NN Mourns Death of Longtime Supporter
Michael Robert Armstrong of Jacksonville, FL, passed away on Thursday, June 2, 2016. He was a supporter of Narcolepsy Network and father of a life-time PWN member. His obituary is here.

Fox 26 in Houston Shares One PWNs’ Story
This story is, unfortunately, not an uncommon one. Dr. Swick shares his knowledge about narcolepsy to the general public. Click here to access the video.

Support Group Mourns Member
Joan Thonet Hall, age 97, passed away on April 10, 2016. Joan was a member of the Midwest Narcolepsy Support Group for the last 8 years; her son brought her every month until recently. She led an amazing life and narcolepsy was a part of it.  Her stories were often funny, sad, and entertaining. To read her full obituary and funeral information, go here.

How Does Narcolepsy and Cataplexy Affect Daily Life?
New York Magazine interviews one PWN to give some insight. Read the Q&A here.

Five Common Misconceptions People With Narcolepsy Hear takes on common misconceptions PWNs hear

High School Student and Youth Ambassador Recognized with Certificate of Appreciation
Check out this video and this article about coaches and school staff that are making a difference for a student living with narcolepsy

Governor of Oregon Proclaims Suddenly Sleepy Saturday
A Springfield, Oregon man helped convince Gov. Kate Brown to proclaim March 12 as the first Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Go here to learn more.

2016 Bed Race
Miss the 2016 Bed Race? Board Member, Keith Harper wrote a blog about it!

Mee Warren
Board Member, Mee Warren, received the 2015 Wall Street Women Trailblazer Award from Traders Magazine.

Nicole Jeray
Professional golfer Nicole Jeray was featured in the New York Times.

Lukas Hunter
Lukas Hunter was mentioned in the article titled “Raising awareness of narcolepsy” for being named a Young Ambassador, Oconomowoc Enterprise (Wisconsin)

Keith Harper
Congrats to Keith, NN Board Member, for running in and completing the 2015 New York City Marathon!

Portraits of Narcolepsy in New York City, The Atlantic

Julie Kliegman
I have narcolepsy, and I hate that people think I’m just lazy,

Angie Collins
Purpose(fully) Living With Narcolepsy, TEDx Talks via YouTube

Mee Warren
Women in Finance Outstanding Contribution: Mee Warren, Markets Media

Romeo Espana
Drones — How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Autonomous OverlordsTEDx Talks via YouTube

Ciro Di Ruocco
Wide awake and sleeping: Discussing narcolepsy, The Navigator

Nicole Jeray (LPGA Golfer)
Pictures of You: Nicole Jeray, professional golfer with narcolepsyNeurology Now magazine
Nicole Jeray’s best round of year has her in contention after first round of Mobile Bay LPGA Classic

Danielle Brooks
Swimmer doesn’t let narcolepsy slow her down, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Buford’s Brooks adjusts to sleep disorder to continue swimming career, Gwinnet Daily Post

Kristen Girault (Miss Louisiana USA 2013)
From cancer to narcolepsy, Miss USA contestants ‘inspired’ by health battles, Today

Katy Scruton and Robby Roden
You Snooze You…Win?, Texas Realtor Magazine
ZZZ, the Daily Struggle of Narcolepsy, YouTube
True Life: I Have Narcolepsy, MTV

Julie Ann Fain
True Life: I Have Narcolepsy, MTV

Tracy Bonner (Olympic Synchronized Diver, author of “Athletics and Narcolepsy” and cast member of Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” in Las Vegas)
Awakened from a Nightmare: Diagnosed with narcolepsy, Tracy Bonner successfully fought a drug suspension

Muhammad Daud
Living With Cataplexy and Narcolepsy
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 1, YouTube
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 2, YouTube
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 3, YouTube

Patricia Higgins
My Story: Living with Narcolepsy

Clea Howard
Too Often, Doctors Overlook Narcolepsy

Bill Johnson (Retired USAF Nurse)
Waking up to NarcolepsyCarolina Alumni Review

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC Talk Show Host)
What It Feels Like to Have Narcolepsy

Sergio Kindle (Baltimore Ravens)
Ravens rookie suffers from common sleep disorder
, Baltimore Sun

Aaron Mackie
Now Teachers Are Awake to Aaron’s Rare Sleep Condition

Grace Moylan
Narcolepsy Helps Grace at Artexpress

Robb Peterson
Asleep with the Enemy

Wendy Richmond
The mother who faints if she says: I love you

Sarah Shonyo
The Big Sleep: Learning to live with narcolepsy

Reece Williams
The seven-year-old boy with such severe narcolepsy that he couldn’t kick a ball without falling asleep

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