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Your financial support is critical to keeping our doors open and enables us to retain committed, knowledgeable staff members who work to further our cause in all areas affecting our community (e.g, scientific research, legislation, health and disability insurance, and access to medications). To make a donation, click on the button below, or send in this form with checks payable to Narcolepsy Network, PO Box 2178, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

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Other Ways to Give

Shop Til You Drop While Raising Funds!
If you do a lot of your shopping online, you can shop and help out NN at the same time. Just remember to go to for your online shopping. When a purchase is made through the Amazon Smile website, the company donates a portion of the purchase price of items you buy to an organization of your choice, like NN. It’s just like shopping on the regular Amazon site, but NN benefits. If you are new to Amazon Smile, the website will ask you to pick an organization when you first create your account and you can select Narcolepsy Network at that point. For returning users, you can select NN by going to Your Account and selecting Change Your Charity.

Another way to help out NN while doing your online shopping is using Best of all, iGive will often have special offers or coupons exclusively offered through their site, so you can benefit from these deals while also helping NN. To use iGive, register with the website or download the app, then follow their list of links to stores and websites to shop online like you normally would.

Planned Giving

There are many ways to include Narcolepsy Network in your family wealth planning, from a simple bequest or endowment to establish a charitable remainder trust. Please consult your lawyer for additional information on planned giving through a will, trust, or estate.

Create a Fundraising Campaign on Facebook
Are you thinking about doing something special for your birthday or for another special event? How about creating a fundraising campaign on Facebook where you can ask your friends to support your cause? To start a fundraiser, click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed, then click Raise Money. Select Narcolepsy Network as your charitable organization, choose a cover photo and fill in the details. Then click Create. That’s it!

Donate a Vehicle

If you have an automobile, truck, boat, or RV you’d like to dispose of contact us to arrange a donation to an organization that will pick up your item at no cost to you and forward the net proceeds of the sale to Narcolepsy Network.

Donate Appreciated Stock

Donating appreciated stock and certain other property can be advantageous for income tax purposes. Contact us for further information.

Workplace Giving

United Way of America & Combined Federal Campaign

If your employer participates in United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign (U.S. Government employees), you may be able to donate to Narcolepsy Network with the convenience of monthly payroll deductions. Certain United Way chapters cannot pass funds along to organizations outside their designated regions so please ask your United Way coordinator for assistance in determining whether the rules allow your contributions to reach Narcolepsy Network.

Completing the pledge card:

United Way: Write in our full name, address, and telephone number in the space provided on your annual pledge card.

Combined Federal Campaign: Write in the code “12093” and our full name, address, and telephone number on your pledge card.

Narcolepsy Network is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Consult your tax advisor for details.