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Narcolepsy Advocacy Program Workshop

September 15th, 2020

Our first virtual Narcolepsy Advocacy Program Workshop was a huge success, training more than 30 youth and young adults. Narcolepsy Network will be hosting additional workshops throughout 2021.

The virtual workshop is for those with narcolepsy ages 14-22 who are interested to meet others like themselves, who strive to gain knowledge and insight about navigating life successfully with narcolepsy, and who desire to enlighten and educate others. If this is YOU then join us for this valuable workshop filled with tips and tools that can help you build a strong foundation for life.

During the Narcolepsy Advocacy Program Virtual Workshop, you will:

  • Learn from experienced Youth Ambassadors.
  • Participate in developing yourself as an advocate with workshop information and techniques.
  • Share your insight and experiences with workshop participants.
  • Enjoy meeting others your age with narcolepsy during a time of Speed Greeting.

The workshop date is to be determined. Check back later for updates.

If you have questions about the program requirements, please email [email protected]. Click here to learn more about the Youth Ambassador Program.

Note: The workshop will not be a confidential platform and is not HIPAA compliant. Any disclosure of personal information may be revealed to others in the Workshop, including those not logged into the program.  

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Date Created: September 15th, 2020
Last Updated: December 21st, 2023