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Entrepreneurship & Narcolepsy

The Members Only section provides additional information and resources for current Narcolepsy Network members. To access these pages, please sign in here. If you forgot your online membership system  password, click here for help. If you aren't a Narcolepsy Network member,  Join Today! The Members Only  pages include:
  • NEW! Our video library featuring presentations from NN conferences
  • Past issues of  The Network,  our information-packed quarterly newsletter
  • Information about the people who serve you on the Board of Trustees, Medical Advisory Boards, and our staff
  • Narcolepsy Network By Laws
We are always looking for new information and features for the Members Only section, so watch for new information  as it becomes available.   If you have suggestions, please contact us! To login into Narcolepsy Network's Message Board, click here. Please note, Narcolepsy Network’s Message Boards are a separate system from the Members Only are, so  you will have different  user name and password for that area of the website. Keeping these two features as completely different systems protects your privacy by allowing you to keep your real-world and online identities separate.  Posts you make on the message boards are not connected to your membership information.