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Sleep Log

A Sleep Log is a tool for evaluating aspects of an individual’s sleep habits, finding ways to improve the quality and quantity of sleep a person gets, or investigating the effectiveness of a new or changed treatment. It is important to start the Sleep Log a few weeks before starting any new or changed medication or therapy so that you become accustomed to the process and establish a base line for comparison. Over time, the individual may begin to see patterns emerge. A Sleep Log is one of the best ways to provide the accurate and objective information a doctor needs to know to make important decisions about treatment.

Download and print out our Sleep Log form  or use a simple notebook to record the most common and useful data:

  • Sleep and wake times, naps, triggers and duration of cataplectic events
  • Medication including prescription, over the counter, homeopathic and herbal preparations, times and dosages

Other items that you or your physician may want to include are:

  • Quality of sleep
  • Mental and physical state before you fall asleep, upon awakening, taking medications and using other treatments like CPAP, light therapy, meditation, etc.
  • Sleep attacks including times, magnitude and duration
  • Food and beverages, especially stimulants like energy drinks and caffeine and depressants like alcohol
  • Work, school or study times
  • Exercise including your physical and mental state before and after
  • Other items that you or your treating physician feel are important

Download our  Sleep Log