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Alternative Therapies

Narcolepsy Network recognizes that some people feel more comfortable with non-traditional approaches to the treatment of medical problems. Alternative therapies including herbal remedies, prayer, meditation, imagery, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, manipulation, and related treatments can have positive effects on some disorders or their symptoms.

Just because a treatment is natural does not mean that it does not have some risk. The same care, caution, and common sense should be taken as when a person uses manufactured medicines. If you are using natural substances with or without modern medicine, make sure that your treating physician, pharmacist, herbal practitioner, and herbal dispenser all know the things are that you are taking. This can help prevent over-medication and dangerous interactions.

The ideas presented on this page are for educational purposes only and do not constitute a medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Anyone using the information provided does so at their own risk. It is advised that anyone wishing to put any of the following ideas into practice check with their treating physician first.   Narcolepsy Network, Inc. does not endorse or vouch for the completeness, reliability or accuracy of any person or entity referred to or linked to on its website.