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A Mother-Daughter Bond Through Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy Network Board Member, Carol Gilmour, and her daughter, Caroline Arnette, former Narcolepsy Network Lead Youth Ambassador, are on Capitol Hill this week advocating for rare disease […]

Clinical Research Matters: Takeaways From World Sleep Congress 2022

by Keith Harper, Board President Last week, Amy Kant, Transition Director, and I traveled to Rome for the 2022 World Sleep Congress, an event put together by […]

NN Attends European Narcolepsy Day as the Only Patient Support Group from the US

Our Executive Director, Eveline Honig, is pictured here with other narcolepsy leaders at the 10th European Narcolepsy Network’s  Narcolepsy Day  in Bern, Switzerland. Narcolepsy Network was the […]

PEACE (Pitolisant Expanded Access Clinical Evaluation) Program, an Expanded Access Program, is Now Open

An Expanded Access Program is now open to provide pitolisant* to adult patients with narcolepsy type 1 (with cataplexy) or type 2 (without cataplexy). Expanded access provides […]

Research Study for Adults with Narcolepsy – Share Your Story

People with narcolepsy face challenges and problems every day – symptoms and problems are not always recognized or understood by health care providers or members of the […]

Blog: Shorter Sleep Gene Identified

There are some out there who function perfectly on less sleep. Is it just good genes? Turns out, it might be! You may have wondered why some […]