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Narcolepsy Parent and Family Support Meetup

This is a support group for parents of children and teens diagnosed with narcolepsy. All children under 18 years old must be supervised and accompanied by an adult guardian.


Sweet Dreams Hampton Roads

This group serves the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk). It’s a group for children with narcolepsy 16 and under and their families.

Central Virginia Narcolepsy Support Group

This group servers the Charlottesville, VA area.
Facebook page:
For information on upcoming meetings, visit our Upcoming Meetings page

Narcolepsy Support Group (Roanoke, VA)

Carilion Clinic offers a support group to help people affected by narcolepsy.  We understand living with narcolepsy can make life difficult at times and that it can even cause feelings to isolation. Join us to meet other people with narcolepsy and participate in an open discussion.

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