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#SuddenlySleepySaturday – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Suddenly Sleepy Saturday?
A: Suddenly Sleepy Saturday is a day for narcolepsy awareness that started in the early 2000’s to educate communities across the United States about the realities of living with this invisible disorder. Traditionally, it has fallen the Saturday before U.S. Daylight Savings, a time when those without narcolepsy may feel sleepier than usual. 

Q: What is a proclamation?
A: An official document recognizing a major event or special occasion. Each year, Narcolepsy Network asks those who are impacted by narcolepsy to request proclamations from their state and city officials recognizing Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Requests can take several weeks to get approved so make sure to request yours ASAP!  

Q: How do I request a proclamation?
A: Go to your state or city government website and search “proclamation request” to find the local guidelines for requesting a proclamation. Many states have an easy-to-use online form where you can paste the language from our sample proclamation and cover letter. If your city or state has an email request process, you can simply attach the documents to your email. 

Q: My city is asking for more information and I don’t know how to answer their questions. Can you help? 
A: Absolutely! Email your questions to [email protected].

Q: I’ve requested a proclamation, now what? 
A: Let us know which state or city you’ve requested a proclamation for by emailing [email protected]

Q: My proclamation has been approved, now what?
A: Send an email with the name of your state and/or city and the official who granted the proclamation. Once you receive a copy of the proclamation, we’d love for you to share a photo of you holding the document so we can tout your advocacy efforts on social media and thank your city/state officials!

Q: How can I spread awareness ON Suddenly Sleepy Saturday (March 11, 2023)?
A: There are many ways to raise narcolepsy awareness on March 11. You can post these fast facts on your social media channels, share your story, host a meetup or support group for people with narcolepsy in your area, or even have a pajama party!