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Snowmobiling for Narcolepsy

November 9th, 2020

In 2012, Emily Kreuziger was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the age of 22. Narcolepsy affects all aspects of her life: her ability to work, her relationships, her social life, and her ability to do everyday things that most people take for granted. She depends on medication in order to function and stay awake.

Emily began snowmobile racing in 2014 alongside her husband, Joel. Snowmobile racing became a way to escape narcolepsy’s symptoms, even for a little bit. Emily and Joel raced Lakecross for six years. Then in 2020, they decided to compete in the Cor Powersports Race Series, the largest cross country racing circuit in the nation. Emily competed in her first Women’s class race and won!

For the 2021 season, Emily will be competing in the I-500, a grueling two-day 500-mile race of intense trail riding on rough terrain, on February 13-14. Emily decided to turn this race into a fundraiser for Narcolepsy Network to honor not only herself but everyone who fights narcolepsy’s symptoms every day.

What does it take to get ready to go snowmobiling? Watch Emily’s video below!

If you’d like to donate to Emily’s fundraiser, click here. To learn more about Emily’s racing, follow her on Facebook at Kreuziger Racing.

Donations to this fundraiser will support Narcolepsy Network’s programs that connect the narcolepsy community. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Date Created: November 9th, 2020
Last Updated: January 7th, 2021