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RESTORE Study of FT218

September 16th, 2020

If you or your child are over 16 and have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, you may qualify for the RESTORE research study. Managing your narcolepsy symptoms is challenging, so learning all your treatment options is very important. One option to consider is the RESTORE study of an investigational medicine, FT218, which is a once‐nightly formulation of sodium oxybate.

In this study, FT218 will be taken orally once per night, before you go to bed, for up to two years. You’ll be asked to complete in‐person or virtual study visits about four times per year and also complete some brief questionnaires. Who is eligible to participate in this study?

To qualify, you or your child must:
• Be 16 years of age or older
• Be diagnosed with narcolepsy with or without cataplexy
• Have completed the REST‐ON Study and/or be receiving twice‐nightly sodium oxybate

To learn more, visit this website.

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Date Created: September 16th, 2020
Last Updated: September 28th, 2020

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