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Informational Videos

Below is a sampling of our videos. For more videos, check out our YouTube channel!

General Information Videos

How Does Narcolepsy Affect a Person?

Why Should You Come to Our Annual Conference?

Management of Narcolepsy and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
NeurologyLive, a platform that presents updates about neurological diseases from top researchers, assembled a panel that included our Executive Director, Dr. Eveline Honig, along with Dr. Michael J. Thorpy, Dr. Russell Rosenberg, Dr. Kiran Maski, and Dr. Alon Avidan to discuss narcolepsy.

Learn About the Youth Ambassador Program

A Message from Youth Ambassador Tori

A Message from Youth Ambassador Caroline

A Message from Youth Ambassador Brandon

A Message from Youth Ambassador Vanessa

Videos from Our Virtual Mini-Conference Series

December 5 – The theme was I Was Just Diagnosed: Now What?
Narcolepsy 101, then Q&A with Dr. Charles Bae

October 17 – The topic will be Legal Issues and Narcolepsy: Applying for Disability & Workplace Accommodations
Narcolepsy and Disability: What to Do When the Writing is On the Wall

Narcolepsy and Workplace Accommodations with Gary Savine, Savine Employment Law, Ltd. (Chicago)

Videos from Our Virtual Patient Education Days

August 29, 2020 – This webinar focused on being a narcolepsy advocate and telling your narcolepsy story.
How to Tell Your Story in an Effective Way with Chris Smith, President and CEO of SmithSolve

Advocacy: Stories from People with Narcolepsy

Q&A with Narcolepsy Advocates

July 11, 2020 – This webinar focused on topics for teens and young adults
Narcolepsy: I Want to be Awake and Happy – How to Get There! Dr. Michael Strunc

Navigating School with Narcolepsy – Before and During COVID-19 with Narcolepsy Network’s Youth Ambassadors

May 30, 2020 – This kicked off our Virtual Patient Education Day Webinar Series
Psychosocial Effects of Narcolepsy in the COVID-19 Crisis By Dr. William Fyre

Medications for Narcolepsy by Dr. Luis Ortiz

Videos from Our Past Annual Conferences

2019 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Advances in Narcolepsy from Pathogenesis to Treatment (Keynote Address) by Dr. Chad Ruoff

Comorbidities of Narcolepsy by Dr. Carey Lockhart

Narcolepsy As We Age by Dr. Todd Swick, FAAN, FAASM

Lifestyle Strategies by Mali Einen

An Integrative Approach to Narcolepsy by Dr. Rubin Naiman and Dr. Andrew Cunningham

How to Find a Sleep Doctor

2018 Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana
Narcolepsy in Education: Raising Awareness & Self-Advocating

CBT for Narcolepsy: What Is It? How Can It Help? by Dr. Jason Ong

Narcolepsy & The Americans with Disabilities Act by David J. Carr

Narcolepsy in the Perioperative Setting: Is There Cause for Concern? by Dr. Dennis Auckley

2017 Conference in Portland, Oregon
Creating an Elevator Speech by Dean Suhr

Narcolepsy & Employment: What Are Your Rights? by Andrew Narus, Esq.

2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida
Glowing, Barking, and Snoring: The Many Complexities of the Modern Bedroom

2015 Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Living Well with Narcolepsy by Mali A. Einen

2014 Conference in Denver, Colorado
Driving Laws by Justin Wright