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Sleep Centers & Specialists

In accordance with our conflict of interest policy, Narcolepsy Network, Inc. does not recommend one physician over another or express preference for any medical facility.

There are several ways for you to find a Sleep Center or Sleep Specialist to diagnose and treat your sleep issues.

  • Ask your primary care physician for a referral
  • Ask a friend or acquaintance if they have a facility or specialist they can recommend
  • Check with your health insurance carrier for a list of sleep specialists in their system
  • Check with your local hospitals or sleep centers for a list of sleep specialists on staff
  • Ask the local or state medical society for a list of local sleep specialists,
  • Check your local or online yellow pages for listings of local sleep specialists
  • Search the Internet for recommendations, ratings and reports on the doctors you are considering
  • Visit our Medical Advisory Board page
  • Go to one or more of the following websites to find specialists and facilities close to you and to check for or evaluate the qualifications and certifications of these providers and their staff.

For people with narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia—
To find a provider, here is a link that could be helpful.

For providers—
To learn more about the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and become a member, visit here.