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Youth Ambassadors and Co-Chair Nominated for Award

Youth Ambassadors Brandon Beck and Caroline Arnette and Youth Ambassador Co-Chair Cynthia Zorn have been nominated for the 2020 RARE Champion of Hope Award by Global Genes, […]

Videos of Your Cataplexy

Do you have videos of what your cataplexy looks like and would be willing to share? Marilyn Swick and Dr. Todd Swick have been working in sleep […]

NN Awarded the “Patients at the Heart” Grant

We are grateful to Harmony Biosciences for awarding us the Patients at the Heart grant. This will allow us to reach more people with narcolepsy virtually. So […]

RESTORE Study of FT218

If you or your child are over 16 and have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, you may qualify for the RESTORE research study. Managing your narcolepsy symptoms is […]

Narcolepsy Advocacy Program Workshop

Our first virtual Narcolepsy Advocacy Program Workshop was a huge success, training more than 30 youth and young adults. Narcolepsy Network will be hosting additional workshops throughout […]

PWN Spotlight: Juliana

Quarantined-Birthday Surprise: You Have NarcolepsyBy: Juliana Florez The week of March 16, 2020, was one I will never forget. The global pandemic made it to the tristate […]

Cooking Webinar

We launched a new cooking webinar series and it kicked off on Sunday, September 27, 2020. Chef Cortney Taraboi, a chef with narcolepsy who was recently featured […]

Celebrate World Narcolepsy Day!

Celebrate World Narcolepsy Day by sharing your story!

Board Member is Featured in a Video Series

Our Board Member, Dr. Luis Ortiz, is featured in a video series about doctors with narcolepsy.

Free Virtual Patient Education Day – August 29

Our final webinar in our Virtual Patient Education Day Webinar series took place on Saturday, August 29. Webinar Presentations Included: Your Voice Matters! How (and Why) to […]