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MRI Guidance Shows Promise in Delivering Stem Cell Therapies

Working with animals, a team of scientists reports it has delivered stem cells to the brain with unprecedented precision by threading a catheter through an artery and infusing the cells under real-time MRI guidance. This method may lead to future advances in treating Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and other brain-damaging disorders. 

Narcolepsy Resource Center from the National Sleep Association

From the Narcolepsy Resource Center from the National Sleep Association, this all-inclusive guide will teach you everything you wanted to know about narcolepsy.

Dopamine and VTA Responsible for Sleep/Wake

From, Stanford University School of Medicine scientists have identified a brain circuit that’s indispensable to the sleep-wake cycle. This new study shows that dopamine levels in the VTA region of the brain are responsible for controlling the change between wakefulness and sleeping. Keep reading here.

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