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Membership Q&As

Why is Narcolepsy Network raising membership dues?

As a leading organization serving people with narcolepsy (PWNs) and their loved ones, Narcolepsy Network strives to meet the needs of our members. With this increase in dues, we will be able to sustain our programs and develop new programs that will enhance the lives of those we serve. We have also structured our membership levels to better suit an individual’s or family’s needs.

I want to become a member. How do I choose what level is best for me?

To help you choose the correct level, see this chart comparing the levels. If you wish to go to the yearly conference and receive the conference discount, then the Advocate Level would be best. If you have family who will be going to the yearly conference, then the Family Level is for you.

I usually auto-renew my membership. Do I need to do anything differently?
Your membership will auto-renew as usual. When it is time for renewal, your membership will automatically renew at the Supporter Level. If you would like to renew at a higher membership rate, please contact us so we can make that change.

I signed up for the Family Level. How do I add my family members?

First, go to and click the “Join Now” button at the top of the screen.

A pop-up window should appear asking you to log in. If you are already a member, log at this point. As a new member, close out that pop-up and then click the button next to “Family Member – $150” and fill in the information before clicking “Submit” at the bottom.

The next page will ask if you would like to add another family member. Enter the name and information for your family members. Once each family member is entered, each family member will have their own Narcolepsy Network account under a Family Membership.

Family memberships allow a member to add up to five family members to one account.

When you log back into your account, you will have the option to add more family members (up to five family members) or remove family members. When a family member logs into their accounts, they will see their membership listed, but they will not be able to add other family members – only the original Family Member account holder can do that.