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Clinical Trials

What are Clinical Trials or Studies?

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How do you participate in Clinical Trials or Studies?

What questions to ask about Clinical Trial or Study participation?

What is the Orphan Drug Act for Rare Disease?


Clinical Trials & Studies in Narcolepsy

Great strides have been made in recent years in understanding the cause(s) of narcolepsy, but much work remains to be done. Your participation in research studies helps researchers to better understand narcolepsy and to test investigational drugs that may benefit people with narcolepsy.

Clinical trials and studies are sponsored by medical/academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Narcolepsy Network shares clinical and trial information in an unbiased and consistent manner. As a patient organization, please note that Narcolepsy Network is not engaged in promoting, advising or recruiting activities.

In order to find out more about each clinical trial or study, click the hyperlinks below.


Active Medical / Academic Research


Beth Israel Hospital Boston
Understanding the Impact of Idiopathic Hypersomnia on Social Relationships in Young Adults


Children’s Hospital Boston
Pediatric Hypersomnia Screening SurveyThe Impact of Sleep on Cognition and Emotion in Children/Adolescent Research Study


Northwestern University
Mindfulness Meditation Study


Active Pharmaceutical / Biotech Research


Takeda Pharmaceuticals
The Sparkle 1501 Study for Narcolepsy 


Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Nexus Narcolepsy Registry