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Call for questions for Clinical Update Webinar  

May 2nd, 2023

On May 1st, the FDA approved Lumryz™️, a new extended release sodium oxybate treatment for people with narcolepsy. On June 1, 2023 at 5:30 ET, Narcolepsy Network will be hosting a Clinical Update Webinar* presented by Avadel Pharmaceuticals. In advance of the presentation, we are offering you the opportunity to share your questions. Please note your contact information will not be shared with employees from the company. Representatives from the company will prepare answers in advance to the questions which they are able to answer.

Call for questions is open May 2, 2023 through May 9, 2023.

Share your questions here

Registration for this Clinical Update Webinar Lumryz™: Learn about a new FDA Approved Treatment for Narcolepsy will open early next week.

Thank you. 

* Narcolepsy Network is committed to bringing you clinical information in a neutral and balanced manner. Our Clinical Update Webinars offer opportunities for you to learn about a variety of topics related to clinical studies and trials and treatments, and clinical topics related to living with narcolepsy. Please note, we do not endorse or promote specific FDA approved therapies. As well, we do not recruit for, or endorse participation in, specific clinical studies and trials. If you have questions on any FDA approved treatments or clinical trials, we recommend that you consult your physician.

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Date Created: May 2nd, 2023
Last Updated: May 2nd, 2023