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Welcome (cont’d)

This far into winter, short days, long nights and cold temperatures begin to wear thin. We hear about cabin fever and people going stir-crazy. That is, save for people with narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia, whose sleep and wake patterns seem to have little correlation to hours of daylight or the seasons.

Narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia are complicated disorders. Whether you are the patient or a family member, friend or service provider, we encourage you to take advantage of these winter months to explore our website in depth. The better the understanding you develop of causes and symptoms, diagnoses, treatment options and life-style management techniques, the better able you will be to cope with or be supportive of someone with one of these disorders. You’ll find all this and more within this site. Knowledge empowers us to achieve optimal treatments and maximize our quality of life.

You’ll know spring is near when Suddenly Sleepy Saturday, the Network’s official Narcolepsy Awareness Day, arrives on Saturday, March 10, 2012. This day takes place during National Sleep Awareness Week, which runs from March 5-11, 2012 and ends with the one-hour advance of clocks in the wee hours of Sunday, March 11. We invite you to conduct an activity or event on Suddenly Sleepy Saturday in your local community to raise awareness of narcolepsy. You’ll find information and ideas on our site to help you plan and carry out a successful event.

Today most Americans have heard of narcolepsy and know that affected patients have difficulty staying awake. Still, the general public has not yet come to appreciate how debilitating the sleepiness of narcolepsy can be. Before we can raise funds outside our membership we must gain the public’s empathy. Until then, Narcolepsy Network will continue to rely heavily upon the support of people with narcolepsy and their circles of support. Our 2012 membership  campaign is actively underway. If you or a loved one has narcolepsy, please show your support by becoming a dues-paying member TODAY and by asking your extended family, friends and medical providers to become members and/or consider a donation in your honor.

Narcolepsy Network also encourages medical professionals who diagnose and/or  treat people with narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia to become professional members of our organization. Our newsletter, The Network, our website, educational materials, personal contacts and other resources will provide insight into both the medical and non-medical challenges that successful treatment must incorporate.