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Worcester-Area Narcolepsy Support Group


Next Meeting:

It’s a New Year and another time to come together.

WHO:      Anyone willing to meet in mid-Massachusetts with a group of people with narcolepsy and their supporters.

WHEN:    Saturday, JANUARY 10, 2015.   We are meeting from 11:00 – 2:00.

WHERE TO GO:     We meet at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester (UUCW). We will have signs directing you to the UUCW lounge
The church is located at 92 Holden St., in Worcester, MA 01606.
See the church website for directions, 

WHAT TO BRING:  Please bring something to drink, a lunch, or money to share a pizza or other delivery items.

UUCW has been generous in giving us space to meet as often as we like. UUCW’s only request is that each group member (with narcolepsy) contribute a few dollars as a donation for using the space. Give what you can. They said they know people may be able to contribute only a little. You do not have to give anything if you are not in a position to (don’t let this keep you from the meetings. Those of us that are able to will give more).

WHAT WILL WE DO:    We will be talking about our experiences with holidays, telling funny stories we have about our narcolepsy, doing some interesting activities,
           choosing more meeting dates for the rest of 2015, and deciding on what to do in upcoming meetings.
           If you have ideas or questions, tell us in advance or bring them to the meeting.

TO WORCESTER AND BEYOND: Meeting Dates for first half of 2015 have been selected:
Sat,January 10
Sat, March 14                     Dates can be changed and added if we want to meet more often.
Sat, May 9 or May 23

MAYBE if you do not want to or cannot commit.   It’s still helpful if you said you would come and decide, at the last minute, that you just can’t come,
NO, you can come whether you reply or not, but if you do RSVP it helps a lot with planning.

WHAT TO DO NOW:     Check your calendar for Saturday, January 10th, between 11:00am and 2:00pm. To RSVP or for more information email us:


            Peg and Bev

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Date Created: March 12th, 2014
Last Updated: January 7th, 2015