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About the Narcolepsy Network Message Board | Message Board

Narcolepsy Network (NN) established the Online Message Board to provide a forum for people with narcolepsy and related sleep disorders as well as family and friends to share their many and varied experiences in learning to manage their sleep disorders.

Much, but not all, of the content in the Message Board can be viewed without registering or logging in.  You must register if you wish to post. We respect your right to privacy.  It is possible to register yet remain publicly anonymous by choosing the appropriate settings in the user profile and a non-identifying user name that cannot be linked to you in other venues (other forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  If you wish to be recognized by other participants you may choose a user name that does not publicly disclose your real world identity yet is familiar to others.  Please see Terms of Service for additional information.

We also encourage you keep your browser security and antivirus software up to date.

This forum is moderated for your safety but since its purpose is to enable sharing among people with narcolepsy, other hypersomnias and their family and friends, we cannot ensure that NN or others will provide a timely response.  If you require assistance please write to us via the contact page.

Narcolepsy Network is a nonprofit organization that relies on membership contributions and donations to support services such as these message boards.  If you appreciate this service and find it helpful, please show your support by becoming a member of Narcolepsy Network.

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