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Educational Materials

Narcolepsy Network offers many educational materials.  Our online educaitonal brochures may be downloaded free of charge below. Printed brochures and audio materials may be ordered by mail at a nominal cost. These materials include topics presented by sleep experts at our Annual Conferences, plus brochures and papers on a variety of topics

Online Educational Brochures

Our most popular free materials are instantly available here. Click on any of the popular titles below to review and print* them. You can find more information for students, teachers and parents here, including sample letters and accommodation plans.

For additional educational materials that can be requested via mail, see our Educational Materials Order Form.

*Tips for printing:

  1. Be sure the page size within the Adobe Screen is set to 100%.
  2. To print, click on the printer icon within the Adobe screen rather than going through the File menu.
  3. If you cannot print the form, contact us to request a copy of this form in an alternate format or by mail.

Order Materials by Mail

To order educational materials by mail, please print the Educational Materials Order Form, complete and mail to:

Narcolepsy Network, Inc.
PO Box 2178, Lynnwood, WA 98036

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