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PWN in the News

People with Narcolepsy (PWN) in the News

Julie Flygare (author and Narcolepsy advocate)
June 22, 2013, Huffington Post: Stanford’s Research Provides Hope for Patients with Narcolepsy
December, 15, 2012: Wide Awake and Dreaming a Memoir of Narcolepsy now available
November 15, 2011; NBC, Washinton: Like a Living Nightmare
October, 2011; Marie Claire magazine: Eyes Wide Shut
From the Boston Globe: A race with sleep

Kristen Girault (Miss Louisiana USA 2013)
June 12, 2013 AOL: Sleeping Beauty Queen Suffers From Narcolepsy

Nicole Jeray (LPGA Golfer)
Nicole Jeray’s best round of year has her in contention after first round of Mobile Bay LPGA Classic
A dream and a nightmare
Visit Nicole’s Official Website

Katy Scruton and Robby Roden
From Texas Realtor Magazine: You Snooze You…Win?
From YouTube: ZZZ, the Daily Struggle of Narcolepsy
From MTV: True Life: I Have Narcolepsy

Julie Ann Fain
From MTV: True Life: I Have Narcolepsy

Carol Bell
From  Don’t make me laugh! I might Collapse

Tracy Bonner (Olympic Synchronized Diver, author of “Athletics and Narcolepsy” and cast member of Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas)
Diver first fights illness, then bureaucracy; Appeal clears Bonner after suspension over medication for sleeping disorder.

Haven Cavnar
Nov. 17, 2011; ABC 11 Raleigh-Durham, NC: Link between Flu Shot and Narcolepsy?

Muhammad Daud
Living With Cataplexy and Narcolepsy
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 1 (video)
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 2
My Day Out with Narcolepsy – Part 3 (video)

Herbert Grover
Marchfield Clinic Patient Stories

Patricia Higgins
AMA Virtual Mentor: My Story: Living with Narcolepsy

Clea Howard
Too Often, Doctors Overlook Narcolepsy

Bill Johnson (Retired USAF Nurse)
Waking up to Narcolepsy
From: Carolina Alumni Review; May/June,2011

Brianna Keur
Service Dog Offers Teen With Narcolepsy Chance To Be ‘Normal’

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC Talk Show Host)
What It Feels Like to Have Narcolepsy

Sergio Kindle (Baltimore Ravens)
Ravens rookie suffers from common sleep disorder

Gene Kramer (Associated Press Correspondent)
Former AP Correspondent dies at 83

Aaron Mackie
Now Teachers Are Awake to Aaron’s ConditionRare Sleep

Grace Moylan
Narcolepsy Helps Grace at Artexpress

Robb Peterson
Asleep with the Enemy

Wendy Richmond
The mother who faints if she says: I love you

Sarah Shonyo
The Big Sleep: Learning to live with narcolepsy

Maisy Tan
People thought she was lazy

Reece Williams
The seven-year-old boy with such severe narcolepsy that he couldn’t kick a ball without falling asleep
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