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Suddenly Sleepy Saturday 2015

Help raise narcolepsy awareness by requesting a Suddenly Sleepy Saturday 2015 proclamation in your city or state

The 2014 proclamation from Illinois

The 2014 proclamation from Illinois

Suddenly Sleepy Saturday 2015, also known as Narcolepsy Awareness Day, will be March 7, 2015. Narcolepsy Network encourages members and supporters to get involved by requesting that your state’s governor issue a proclamation officially recognizing Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Requests can also be made in your hometown or county.

Last year, Suddenly Sleepy Saturday proclamations were requested in 41 states, and the day was officially recognized in 23 states as well as several cities. Can we reach all 50 states this year? We can with your help!

Proclamations are requested through your governor’s office. Some offices respond very quickly, while others require two or more months to process requests. Don’t delay in making your request!

Get Started!

1. Download the Suddenly Sleepy Saturday 2015 Proclamation Wording and SSS Cover Letter and fill in your information as indicated.

2. Locate your governor’s contact information, then visit their website or call their office for instructions on how to submit a proclamation request. (Procedures vary from state to state.)

3. Submit your proclamation request to your governor, and e-mail us to let us know you have made the request.

4. If your proclamation request is granted, spread the word by letting your friends and family know through your social media accounts, and alert your local media using our proclamation news release template.  And be sure to e-mail us again so we can count your state among those that have issued proclamations.

Thank you for your help. Together we can bring narcolepsy awareness to all 50 states in 2015!

2015 Suddenly Sleepy Saturday proclamations have been requested in the following places:

Houston, TX
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
San Antonio, TX
South Australia