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Youth Ambassador Program

groupofteensNarcolepsy Network kicked off the Youth Ambassador (YA) Program, an outreach program for young PWNs, at the 2015 conference. The goal of the YA program is to educate and raise awareness about narcolepsy in classrooms and the community through presentations to teachers, nurses, community leaders, etc. The program will hopefully help decrease the stigma associated with narcolepsy, raise awareness about the condition among teenagers and adults who work with them and present accurate information about the condition to counter stereotypes.

The new YA Program trained high school students to become narcolepsy advocates and educators in their communities. Each YA team consisted of a parent (or another trusted adult) and a student. The teams received a PowerPoint presentation about narcolepsy, handouts for their audience, materials to put together a display board, and additional resources they can read to learn more about narcolepsy or refresh their knowledge from the training session. During the training, the teams learned public speaking skills and presentation techniques and discussed the best ways to talk about narcolepsy for a variety of potential audiences.

For more information, see this brochure or email [email protected] with questions.