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Your financial support is critical to keeping our doors open and enables us to retain committed, knowledgeable staff members who work to further our cause in all areas affecting our community (e.g, scientific research, legislation, health and disability insurance and access to medications).
Donate Now!

*GiveDirect, a program administered by Independent Charities of America is authorized to accept donations on behalf of Narcolepsy Network. Visa and MasterCard generously waive the customary credit card fees imposed on merchants so Narcolepsy Network receives 100% of your contribution. Your credit card statement will list the merchant as GiveDirect.

Download a Mail-in-Donation-Form.

Workplace Giving

United Way of America & Combined Federal Campaign

If your employer participates in United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign (U.S. Government employees), you may be able to donate to Naroclepsy Network with the convenience of monthly payroll deductions. Certain United Way chapters cannot pass funds along to organizations outside their designated regions so please ask your United Way coordinator for assistance in determining whether the rules allow your contributions to reach Narcolepsy Network. If not, and you wish your donation to NN to be recognized by your employer’s United Way’s Campaign, learn about an alternative method of giving.

Completing the pledge card:

United Way: Write in our full name, address and telephone number in the space provided on your annual pledge card.

Combined Federal Campaign: Write in the code “12093” and our full name, address and telephone number on your pledge card.