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Committees & Staff

Committees 2020-2021

The following committees have been established by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please email the committee chair.

Finance: Paul Reynolds, Rajeev Sachdeva

Nominations: Sharon O’Shaughnessy, Carol Arnette, Stephanie Fischer

Internal Affairs: Sharon O’Shaughnessy, Keith Harper, Rajeev Sachdeva, Piper Paul

External Affairs: Carol Arnette, Stephanie Fischer, Sharon O’Shaughnessy

Program Leaders:

Youth Ambassador: Carol Arnette



Support Groups: Christine Hackenbruck

Narcolepsy Network Staff

*Narcolepsy Network’s dedicated staff members are the backbone of our organization:

Amy Kant
Transition Director
[email protected]

Christine Hackenbruck
Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Kristin Fisher
Communications Consultant
[email protected]

Sharokina Pazand
Conference Consultant