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Proposed Changes to NN’s Bylaws

The Board of Trustees has proposed several amendments to the Bylaws of Narcolepsy Network. We would like to share these proposed amendments, so that you understand why we are doing this, and what we intend to accomplish.

What are Bylaws?
Our Bylaws are a legal document that dictates how Narcolepsy Network must be governed. The Bylaws also serve as a roadmap for the network’s actions.

Who can change the Bylaws?
Although the board is proposing changes, the power to amend, alter, or repeal the Bylaws is reserved to the members.

Where can I find the current Bylaws?
The bylaws are accessible via the Members Only section of our website.

Why is the board proposing changes?
It is important to the board that you understand why we are proposing these changes. Each amendment has been proposed with great care and in the interest of serving both the needs of the organization and the needs of you, the members.

Proposed Changes:

Amendment 1. It has been recommended by an outside consultant that we change the designation of board members from Trustees to Directors. While there is no legal difference between the labels, Director is standard nomenclature.

Section 2. Number, Qualification, Election, and Term of Office.
(b.) Any member other than an employee of the corporation, over the age of eighteen (18) twenty-four (24), who need not be a United States citizen, whose dues are current prior to being nominated, and who meets one of the following criteria, is eligible to become a member of the Board of Directors following procedures set forth in Section 5 of this Article.

• Is a working or retired professional, with skills the board needs.
• Has strategic connections that will help Narcolepsy Network.
• Has made a significant contribution to people with narcolepsy.
• Has made a significant contribution to Narcolepsy Network as a volunteer

Amendment 2. This clarifies the qualifications necessary for nomination to the board.

Section 1. Amount Annual Dues.
The Board of Trustees shall determine the amount of annual dues prior to the calendar year in which they become effective. The Board of Directors may determine from time to time the amount of annual dues payable to the Corporation by Members. Such dues may vary in amount from Member to Member, in accordance with criteria established by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Date of Payment Payment of Dues.
Dues as stated above shall be payable in advance of the first day of the calendar year. Dues shall be paid in advance on the first day of the anniversary of each Member’s membership. Dues may be paid in periodic installments, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may, in its discretion, adjust the past dues obligations and payment dates of lapsed Members seeking reinstatement.

Amendment 3. In an attempt to make membership more accessible to all people with narcolepsy, the board is investigating a variety of membership models. This amendment provides the board the needed flexibility during this process.

Please email Keith Harper if you have additional questions, comments, or concerns.
— The Narcolepsy Network Board Of Trustees

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Date Created: October 6th, 2017
Last Updated: October 6th, 2017

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