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Narcolepsy Researcher Named a Top Stem Cell Scientist

Florian Merkle web

Dr. Merkle (left) and NN Executive Director Eveline Honig at our 2012 conference

Florian Merkle, PhD, is one of five scientists the University of Southern California calls “the next generation of top stem cell scientists.” Merkle and his counterparts recently presented research at a USC symposium.

Merkle received Narcolepsy Network’s 2012 Researcher of the Year award for his research into generating hypocretin neurons from stem cells.  The Harvard University post-doctoral fellow says that in the future, this research could lead to a way to replace hypocretin-producing neurons in people with narcolepsy.

Read more about Dr. Merkle and the other researchers on USC’s website.


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Date Created: April 20th, 2015
Last Updated: April 7th, 2017