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Tell Honda that narcolepsy is not a joke

On June 19, Honda released a new ad for its Honda Fit automobile.  In the ad, titled “Synth and Seattleites,”  a person who says he has narcolepsy fall asleep mid-sentence, and the narrator of the ad states, “You shouldn’t be driving.”  According to the press release, Honda intended for this ad to be funny, but for who struggle with narcolepsy every day it is not. This portrayal of narcolepsy is incorrect, and to imply that it is reinforces inaccurate and hurtful stereotypes. People with narcolepsy do not fall asleep while speaking or standing up, and those whose symptoms are well-managed with medication can and do drive safely every day.

We ask Honda to please remove the joke about narcolepsy from the ad before airing it.   To share your comments about the ad with Honda, post on their Facebook page or Tweet @Honda.

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Date Created: June 22nd, 2014
Last Updated: June 22nd, 2014