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Narcolepsy Bed Race raises awareness in Virginia

bed race 2The second annual Narcolepsy Bed Race, organized by NN board member Dr. Mark Patterson, took place in Roanoke, VA on Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Building on the success of last year’s race, teams came together for a lot of fun, creativity and a little friendly competition on the deceptively simple racecourse. Each team completed two laps around the course, with four team members pushing or pulling their bed and the fifth team member riding in style. After completing the first lap, the rider had to swap places and an item of clothing with one of the runners before taking off on their final leg. Prizes were given for the team with the fastest time, the most creative theme or decorations, and the most funds raised.

2014 bed raceAbout 70 people turned out to watch the event, admire the creative bed designs and cheer on their favorite team.  The fastest team winner was Scrub Out Narcolepsy with team Rip Van Winkle in second place.  The Despicable Me-mobile by the Physicians to Children team won most creative.   Dr. Allison Greenstein, whose Narcolepsy Bed Race T-shirt fundraiser accounted for about half of the $1,100 the event raised, received the prize for fundraising

The race was covered by both the Roanoke Times newspaper and the Roanoke-area CBS affiliate. In addition the winning team has continued to raise awareness by entering their racing bed in in the Roanoke St. Patrick’s Day parade, with about 22,000 spectators, and the Vinton Dogwood Parade, with estimated crowd of about 35,000 attendees.

If you are interested in hosting a race in your community, visit the website or email Dr. Patterson at for additional information.

 Fastest team web    Despiciable me mobile

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Date Created: May 10th, 2014
Last Updated: May 22nd, 2014