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School Awareness

Narcolepsy onset typically occurs during the adolescent years. Excessive daytime sleepiness is usually the first symptom to present and will be most pronounced during periods of physical inactivity. Where else but school do you find adolescents and teens inactive for long periods during the day? This makes school the most important place to screen for narcolepsy in order to promote early recognition leading to diagnosis.

Thus was born Narcolepsy Network’s newest awareness brochure, Narcolepsy in the Classroom! We have sent this brochure to over 8000 school nurses throughout the U.S. but we’ve just scratched the surface. There are over 17,500 school districts in the U.S., each with multiple schools, and thousands of private schools to reach. We have plans to expand the reach of this brochure to pediatricians and other groups that serve children. You can help by providing a copy of our brochure to school nurses, guidance counselors and other key administrators at your local schools. We have also prepared a list of Talking Points for handy reference when discussing this brochure with school personnel.

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Date Created: January 25th, 2012
Last Updated: March 13th, 2012